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Sacred Ground

Encouraging spiritual reflection and faithful action for the earth in those places where nature lovers feel closest to God.

NOW AVAILABLE ON YOUR SMARTPHONE! A free audio “tour” of 21 scenic vistas, parks and trails in Sonoma County (and others in Lake and Marin counties, with more to come!), which connects visitors with knowledge about natural history, land acknowledgement, and environmental challenges/climate justice issues along with a suggested spiritual practice and a call to action.

To access Sacred Ground, search for and download OTOCAST from the App Store or Google Play — or use the links below. If you live in Sonoma County, Sacred Ground will be the first “guide” to appear on the list; otherwise, type “Sacred Ground” in the “search” box. Then click on Sacred Ground and explore!

Get the free Otocast app at:

1. Apple App Store

2. or Google Play

A couple of tips: there are a few locations on the “tour” where cell phone service is spotty, so you may want to open the app before you hit the road, and leave it open as you travel. That way the information will remain downloaded on your phone. For those without a smartphone, visit This is a version of the guide that works in a web browser (you can even use it with your phone in “airplane mode” or places with no cell phone service, as it pre-loads all images, text, and audio).

Click here to watch a video describing the concept for this project in more detail.

We are especially grateful for these community partners!

CA Indian Museum and Cultural Center has provided valuable educational resources for a number of locations, and the Museum now has a destination of its own on the Sacred Ground tour.

Redbud Resource Group is doing amazing work building bridges between Native and non-Native communities in Sonoma County and across the state, and their work will be highlighted as part of the Spring Lake location on the Sacred Ground tour.

NEXT SACRED GROUND FIELD TRIP: Because the spring is such a lovely time in Sonoma County, we’re increasing the frequency of these outings right now — and sometimes starting earlier to avoid the hottest part of the day. Because the weather is so changeable, we’ve decided to choose two locations for future field trips — one inland and one coastal, meeting sometime between 10 am and 2 pm, and announcing a final choice a couple days beforehand. Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 29. The two possible destinations: Millerton Point (on Tomales Bay, south of Marshall) and Taylor Mountain Regional Park, southeast of Santa Rosa. Contact Pastor Laurie to be added to the Sacred Ground field trip email list for a reminder and update on the final decision.

HOW CAN YOU HELP EXPAND THIS PROJECT? If you love nature and spending time outdoors, you can help expand the reach of this app in a number of ways:

  • Contribute photos and brief descriptions of your favorite places
  • Research local environmental challenges and suggest simple action items
  • Make connections with potential partners (indigenous groups, environmental-oriented organizations, parks, etc.)
  • Arrange for a presentation at your house of worship or community group
  • Tell your nature-loving friends and family about the app!
  • Visit our Facebook page and YouTube channel regularly for further updates, along with “backstories” about the creation of Sacred Ground

Rev. Laurie Bayen, Windsor Community United Methodist Church