Services at 10:30 am every Sunday
Location: 9451 Brooks Road South, Windsor CA 95492
Mail: P.O. Box 87, Windsor, CA 95492
Phone: (707) 838-6898

We’re looking for a few good readers who are interested in reflecting on,  and talking together about, things that really matter.

Book Description: Life is marked by losses. Some are life-changing, such as leaving home, the effects of natural disasters, or divorce. Others are subtle, like changing jobs, moving, or a broken relationship. But whether you encounter family, personal, or community disaster there is always potential for change, growth, and new insight. This group will discuss how to work through loss and come out a stronger person on the other side. We’ll tackle tough issues such as the meaning of grief, blaming God, and sharing our pain in times of loss. The group is open to people in all stages of their spiritual journey.

Meeting Format: Before the group meeting, each member will, if at all possible, read a chapter and pre-think or journal the Study Questions for that chapter, found in the back of the book (but this is a no-guilt group). Group shares our answers to the questions. Encourage social times outside the group with the leader and others who wish to do so. Especially helpful for those who need to talk more than the meeting time allows.

Meets Tuesdays from 2:00 to 3:00 pm
January 16th – April 30th

For more information, location of meetings, please call 707-838-6898.