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Sermons from March 2020

Enter the Passion: Risking Rejection

Message for March 22, 2020 Texts: Mark 14:3-9 and Psalm 23 The story of a woman coming into a dinner scene and anointing Jesus appears in each of the four gospels; however, each story varies so drastically in detail, one wonders if something like this happened to Jesus more than once, or if the differences […]

Enter the Passion: Risking Challenge

Message for March 15, 2020 Texts: Matthew 4:1-11 and Matthew 22:15-22 I’ve shared in this pulpit before that one of the senior pastors I worked with as an associate was fond of saying, “Where two or three are gathered, there is politics.” It’s my least favorite part of ministry, navigating the political waters, addressing “concerns” […]

Entering the Passion: Risking Righteous Anger

Message for March 8, 2020 Texts: John 2:13-21 and Psalm 69:8-16 This past Wednesday our Bible study group engaged in a detailed “comparison and contrast” of the stories of Jesus’ disruption of Temple activities, looking at the account in Mark (a story which is largely the same in Matthew and Luke) and the account in […]

Enter the Passion: Risking Reputation

Message for March 1, 2020 Texts: Zechariah 9:9-10 and Matthew 21:1-11 In the book that inspired this worship series, Amy-Jill Levine, Professor of New Testament at Vanderbilt University, shares the unique perspective of her Jewish faith, helping Christian readers to better understand how first-century Jews would have experienced the teachings and the person of Jesus. […]