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Sermons from July 2019

Bricks Without Straw

In the first session of our current Wednesday Bible study series, called What Is the Bible?, we did a fun activity demonstrating how the Bible has become an integral part of Western culture. We looked up a number of Bible verses listed on a handout, and guessed at what common English phrase or idiom came […]


We left off last week in the middle of the conversation that Moses has with God speaking out of the burning bush — and I introduced you to the concept of “call reluctance,” a term widely used in the field of sales, which has a great deal of resonance for me when I consider the […]

Drawn Out for a Purpose

Is there a story behind your name? How many of you were named after a relative or after a famous person? (responses) Did any of you receive a name that had to do with the circumstances of your birth — perhaps after a saint, or, as in today’s Bible story, because of something that happened […]