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Sermons from October 2018

Live Simply: Share Enough

The Apostle Paul calls it a “secret” — this living simply and in contentment regardless of external circumstance. And here is the “secret formula:” 1) gathering in community (i.e. not isolating oneself), 2) following God’s directions, 3) lifting up what we have been given, and 4) pouring it out (i.e. sharing).

Live Simply: Act Together

We then talked about groups we are a part of that at least come close to living out the “love one another” command, and the blessings we receive from being a part of such communities. You simply cannot put a price on the value of mutual respect, or on confidence — and these were blessings members of our groups pledged to share as they work to overcome the “fear of the stranger” that so easily grips us in this culture that worships individualism and lifts up the “self-made person.”

Live Simply: Face the Truth

Storms — whether they come in the form of tsunami or hurricane, firestorm or personal crisis — force us to face the truth that we need God. They force us to face the truth that everybody needs God. The “storms” of life strip away the pretense — the silly notion that we are in control. The truth is, we need God, and we need each other.