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Sermons from June 2018

For the Beauty of the Earth: Air/Breath

Perhaps more than any other natural element, air is one of those things we most particularly share, the pollution of which affects everyone. When we read the Bible, and find passages that talk about breath or wind, we might also, often, substitute the word Spirit — and see a link between the air and breath that gives us physical life, and God’s breath that gives us both physical life and spiritual life. Our purpose, the reason for the breath that is in us, is healing and justice. Our breath, our life, is not just for ourselves, but for others. We are in this together.

For the Beauty of the Earth: Water

The idea that everything is connected to every other thing — that what impacts one thing, for good or ill, impacts the whole — is woven throughout the scriptures, and, indeed, is woven throughout life. And, it seems to me, whenever we try to deny that reality, and whenever we try to live as if we were separate, independent, from everything else, that’s when we get into trouble.

For the Beauty of the Earth: Soil

God’s original intent from creation was that all of it would “be fruitful” — and sometimes we experience this in spades. But God’s original intent was also that human beings would be faithful — both to God, and in godly, just relationships with one another. And when those relationships are broken, our very relationship with the earth, and our ability to coax life and sustenance out of it, is also strained.