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Sermons from April 2018

Draw the Circle Wide

Draw the Circle Wide: Brothers and Sisters

We had moved onto another topic this week, but I’m always picking up some of the sweetest bits of wisdom from the seniors at Brookdale. One of the things that really touched me this week was the dear little lady who went on about how all the other residents are her “brothers and sisters.” “We’re all living together under the same roof,” she reasoned, so in moving to this place, she had acquired a whole new family. That is a really lovely image, you know?

Draw the Circle Wide

Draw the Circle Wide: Love in Truth and Action

The real measure of Christianity should be love — and not just the kind of love that accepts everyone, tolerates difference, and doesn’t stir up trouble. Love, in a world that is filled with fear and hatred and injustice, in order to overcome evil, must be, as John says in this passage, love in truth and action — love that opens the circle instead of closing it.

Draw the Circle Wide

Draw the Circle Wide: Walk in the Light

How can we be imperfect and yet “walk in the light?” By owning up to the reality of sin, the reality of our humanness. Otherwise “we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us,” and in our attempt to deceive others, we become hypocrites.

Draw the Circle Wide

Draw the Circle Wide: An Opening

Jesus Christ faced evil and death, and made an opening in the circle for us, a passage to a way to a life that is rich and deep and bold (and that not a description of coffee, or wine, or chocolate — although lots of people might try those things as a substitute!). We don’t have to plow our way through, like the “Red Rover” game. We are called to come on over, and step right on through, and join the team.