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Sermons from March 2018

Holy Cross at Sunrise

Listen: Cross

There is no sugar coating this following Jesus stuff. To be on the side of grace and compassion and healing and the righting of the systemic wrongs of the world is to lay oneself open to the possibility —  even the inevitability — of criticism, scorn, and even execution. There is no playing it safe in Jesus’ book. After rebuking Peter, Jesus calls the crowd to him and says all the more clearly, that not only is he headed to the cross, but so also must anyone who follows him. This is the way to life: through suffering, rejection, courage and humility in the face of fierce and violent opposition.

Listen: Cave

There are special places where we feel particularly attuned to listening for God. For Moses, and Elijah, and Jesus, it was wild, mountainous places. For others, it is ancient cathedrals. And for others, it is the room where they regularly meet for Bible study. Places with a history, places with a track record. One of these places might be your “cave.” Take the time to go there and listen, for the still, small voice, the gentle whisper of God. But know that, just as it happened for Elijah, you aren’t likely to be encouraged to stay. You’ll be called out of the cave, to venture back to the people and the challenges that at times seem overwhelming. You’ll be reminded that you still have work to do,and that you’re called to it. But you’ll also be reminded that you are not alone.