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Sermons from March 2017

Fearless Visibility

Paul doesn’t say, “you once were in darkness” and “now you are in light;” he says “you were darkness” and “you are light.” Like “you are what you eat,” these are ontological claims. Paul asserts that our being is transformed as a result of faith, or as a result of grace. He goes on to note that there is a connection of truth, goodness and justice to light. These are things we become, not just things we believe or even practice. In the Lord, we are light. We are truth. There is a power in fearless visibility that attracts and inspires and brings “light” to others. However it may be manifested, it takes one out of oneself into new territory, and unleashes God’s light, reflects it into the world.

Fearless Endurance

Perseverance is the quality God is growing in me right now, through the regular encountering of obstacles which I could meet with fear, and then flee from with procrastination or numbing behavior, but which I am determined to face instead as opportunities, doorways into new possibilities, signs that I’m not living my life too small, that God isn’t finished with me yet, and that peace and hope are things I can get to, both at the end of a long and arduous process, and that I can access right now.

Fearless Obedience

I think we often imagine this spectacular drama (i.e. Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness) as something that is beyond our ability, evidence that Jesus was superhuman. Yet the Spirit leads us into situations in which we face need and fear and “alternative facts” and empty promises and the temptation to take the easy way out or to get instant gratification — and we are called in obedience to love, worship and trust God alone, to wait, to take the long, hard slog of faithfulness and challenge and courage. Is this story, then, written here to prove how Jesus isn’t like us, or how he is — and how we can be like him?