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The Questioning Crowd

The message that Jesus delivers to the crowd is not easy — and I can imagine the questions that would be tumbling around in their heads in response, starting with “love your enemies.”

The Expectant Crowd

A world without haves and have-nots, without divisions over race or gender or national origin, a world of creativity and spirituality, of abundant health, vitality, learning and grace. These things, I propose to you, are the expectations — or at least the hopes and dreams — of the crowd in the public square.

The Pressing Crowd

The nets teaming with fish are an image to be placed alongside that of the crowd “pressing in” to see Jesus. The miraculous catch is an object lesson for the new disciples — and it can be one for us, as well, if we open our eyes, not only to see Jesus, but to see those who show up whenever Jesus is doing his thing.

Love: The Heart of Our Gifts

Since it is so often a passage shared at weddings, many people fail to realize that this famous chapter is set in the context of Paul’s discussion of spiritual gifts

Being Needy

I also started dreaming about what our community would look and feel like if everyone was serving out of their giftedness, if everyone could feel the overflowing joy that I believe can come when you are serving in your “sweet spot,” when you truly feel that God is using you to bless others.

Gifted for Others

Text: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 How many of you have taken a spiritual gifts inventory before (show of hands)? How many remember what that inventory told you your spiritual gifts were (show of hands)? If your hand is still raised, then tell me what your gifts are, and I’ll send you home early. If not, then […]

You Are Beloved

Texts: Isaiah 43:1-7, Luke 5:15-17, 21-22 I came across a couple of articles in my reading this week which, on the surface, dealt with very different topics, but ended up resonating in the same part of my heart. The first was about challenges that younger people (millennials, specifically) are facing these days — how they […]

Arise, Shine

Message for Epiphany Sunday Texts: Matthew 2:1-12, Isaiah 60:1-6 Albert and I have set our wedding date for May 4th and made flight reservations for our honeymoon; we are going to do a home exchange in Holland, so I will get a chance not only to see the country where Albert was born, but to […]


propose to you that the faithful Christmas stance is one of brightness — of focusing on what is positive instead of feeding hopelessness, negativity and fear as we regard both the present and the future. This is not Pollyanna, pie-in-the-sky, cheap grace, rose-colored glasses. It is true hope.


A counter-cultural, faithful, Advent-observant mindset is one that cultivates calm in the face of the chaos, and the division, and the pride, and the fear. It does not get drawn into heated and disrespectful debate, but calmly speaks truth. Like a lighted candle in a dark room, it does not need a megaphone to draw the right kind of attention. It is not an approach which buries one’s head in the sand in the face of so much injustice, but stands calmly and firmly on the ground of love. It refuses to get caught up in fear, refuses to drown in a sea of hopeless.