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Let the Kingdom Rise

My kids might not remember this story now, but when they were younger, they used to laugh about something funny Katie once said back when she was probably six or seven, and her brother was ten or eleven. The three of us were in the car, driving to or from school, and Tom and I […]

On Waiting, Resting and Rising

It’s one of my favorite Bible verses, Isaiah 40:31: “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” I love the version we sang a few minutes ago, which was composed by a […]

Easter Sunday

For some reason, the Easter story as recorded by Matthew is not included in the lectionary (that schedule of Sunday scripture readings, created by an ecumenical commission in the 20th century, which enables a congregation to hear most of the content of the gospels over a three-year cycle).  Our Wednesday Bible study group, this past […]

Preface to Passion Sunday Dramatic Reading

Before we begin what has become a Palm Sunday tradition of sorts here — a dramatic reading of the Passion story, and reflection on that story through music — I’d like to set a tone for our observance by sharing an insight from Pastor Magrey deVega, the author of Embracing the Uncertain, the Lenten study […]

The Uncertainty of Surrender

Before today’s scripture was read (either this morning, or at Bible study this past week), I wonder how many of you would have been able to recall a detail or two had I asked you what you knew about Zacchaeus. (Some in our Wednesday class were not sure how to pronounce his name, which, to […]

The Uncertainty of Mortality

Last week’s “connection question” in worship had to do with the transgression that was most likely to get you in serious trouble when you were a kid. A lot of people said “talking back” was that “unforgivable sin.” Well, you might notice that there’s a lot of “talking back” in today’s Bible story — a […]

The Uncertainty of Worry

My weekly e-newsletter from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center included an article this week entitled: “World Happiness Report Finds That People Are Feeling Worse.” This report ranks countries according to their overall level of happiness based on survey responses to the Gallup World Poll. It is a survey which has been conducted annually since […]

The Uncertainty of Forgiveness

One of the most difficult and most courageous of spiritual practices is the practice of forgiveness. I call it a spiritual “practice” intentionally, because it is something that does not come naturally; it is something that we need to work at, over and over. Just as surely as learning to play the piano, or to […]

The Uncertainty of Faith

When the world shifts under your feet, challenging your assumptions, how does it feel to pray the father’s prayer, to ask Jesus for help where your own faith falls short? Or what about praying to achieve the calm and relaxed state of holding the two together — the comfort and the discomfort?

Press on, for the Sake of the Astounded Crowd

My water fitness class class had me praying with both my body and my spirit on Wednesday, as I thought about this Church of ours, and the effort to move forward, and being pushed back, and surging forward again, and redoubling the effort, over and over and over — and the need for rest and self-care in between periods of intense effort, and how this makes us stronger.