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A sampling of Pastor Laurie’s sermons are found on this website. Contact the church office if you’d like a copy of a specific message not found here.

On Plagues and Hardened Hearts

A couple weeks ago in our Wednesday Bible study class, we looked at the story of Jonah (you remember, the prophet who ran away from God’s call to preach to the wicked people of Nineveh, and who was swallowed by the big fish?). The question was raised: “How might you regard this story differently if […]

Freedom Songs

(After Swing Low, Sweet Chariot) What do you think that song is about? (responses) I ask because, for the songs we’re going to sing together today, there may be more than meets the eye. The music we call spirituals, that arose from the experience of slavery in the United States, was a special form of […]

Bricks Without Straw

In the first session of our current Wednesday Bible study series, called What Is the Bible?, we did a fun activity demonstrating how the Bible has become an integral part of Western culture. We looked up a number of Bible verses listed on a handout, and guessed at what common English phrase or idiom came […]


We left off last week in the middle of the conversation that Moses has with God speaking out of the burning bush — and I introduced you to the concept of “call reluctance,” a term widely used in the field of sales, which has a great deal of resonance for me when I consider the […]

Drawn Out for a Purpose

Is there a story behind your name? How many of you were named after a relative or after a famous person? (responses) Did any of you receive a name that had to do with the circumstances of your birth — perhaps after a saint, or, as in today’s Bible story, because of something that happened […]

Life Abundant

I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly. — John 10:10b The driving force of American consumerism is the idea, well-woven into our culture, of scarcity. It is a principle that is drilled into our brains from early on; we are told, over and over, until we start telling ourselves, and […]

Father & Son Silhouette

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

I can’t think of a day better than Father’s Day to talk about the Lord’s Prayer -­ or, as many Roman Catholics call it, the “Our Father.” While the claim that Jesus was somehow unique in referring to God as “Father” is not true (a more accurate statement would be that he was steeped in […]

Holy Spirit, Inspire Again

Pentecost is known as the birthday of the Christian Church, and every year on this day we return to the story of our ecclesiastical roots.  It is a story of wind and fire, symbols of the outpouring of the mysterious Holy Spirit on a group of praying, but hiding, disciples, transforming them from fearfulness into […]

Let Prayer and Praise Rise

Our Wednesday Bible study group has been discussing a book and video series by Anglican Bishop and renowned scholar N.T. Wright; it is entitled Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense. This past week’s chapter was on the topic of worship and prayer, and one of Bishop Wright’s assertions is that “One of the great spiritual […]

Let the Kingdom Rise

My kids might not remember this story now, but when they were younger, they used to laugh about something funny Katie once said back when she was probably six or seven, and her brother was ten or eleven. The three of us were in the car, driving to or from school, and Tom and I […]