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Character Under Construction

Character Under Construction: Keeping Good Company

I do not believe that we are meant to navigate the challenging path of life alone. I believe that we are hardwired for life in community, that it is a basic human need. We are social animals. It can be a messy prospect, and it requires vulnerability, the willingness to risk hurt, the willingness to forgive and to be healed of emotional wounds, and openness to growth.

Character Under Construction: Guarding Our Hearts

As I thought of the many ways that we use the concept of “guarding” in our everyday lives, it occurred to me that we may often guard things that ultimately don’t need such vigilant protection, and, at the same time, leave exposed those things that really ought to be monitored more closely. We keep possessions under lock and key, and obsess over them endlessly, when an abundant life can really be found in learning to hold them more loosely and to share them generously; and we are free with things like opinions, or certain affections, or self-indulgences, when prudence or moderation or self-control would really lead us to greater positive connection with others and a sense of centeredness and integrity.

Character Under Construction: Controlling Our Thoughts

In the midst of crisis, in particular, I find that the focusing of thought on the simplest truths — God’s grace, love, kindness, compassion, peace — with one- or two-word phrases repeated with the breath, or a single phrase spoken over and over, has a calming and centering effect, that not only allows me to simply survive and get through the storm, but which makes faithful, courageous action possible.