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Phone: (707) 838-6898

F.A.N. – Faith, Activity & Nutrition

FAN is a faith-based program that focuses on fun activities to increase physical activity and healthy eating. The program includes increased physical activity, encouraging people to eat more fruits and vegetables and making changes in church practices to be more health friendly.

“Where Do All Those Movement Break Videos Come From?”

There are some excellent resources available on the Internet — websites and YouTube channels — which provide wellness guidance for seniors. For our worship “movement breaks,” we have been finding 5-minute, seated workout videos from these sites:

Activities in Motion (A.I.M. Fitness) — with Meg Stickl

More Life Health –– with Mike Kutcher

Yes2Next — with April Hattori and mother Aiko (who is 83 years old!)

For the Zoom Bible study group, we have used some of the above, along with some videos that are a bit more challenging (and are not seated, since we need to get up after being seated at the computer), both from the sites above and from:

The Body Coach TV — with Joe Wicks (check out his “7-day senior challenge” videos!)

If you would like to challenge yourself even more, another great resource is Silver Sneakers; our Thursday evening small group recently tried out a 5-minute seated cardio workout that we agreed was probably too intense and fast-paced for most of our crowd; they were impressed at how much their heart rate increased and how good they felt afterwards!

All of these sites offer longer routines, and many videos are tailored for specific interests, such as stress reduction, improving sleep, preventing falls, stretching after a hike or while traveling, or addressing particular pain issues. There’s even one (on A.I.M Fitness) called “Keeping Up with Your Grandkids!” We hope you’ll take advantage of these great FREE resources, and get moving!

Healthy Snacks & Recipes

Granola Parfaits
This recipe is vegan, sugar free, oil free and gluten free.

Plant-based yogurt
Fresh fruit

Mix together the chopped dates, fresh fruit and granola. Layer with yogurt and enjoy!