Services at 10:30 am every Sunday
Location: 9451 Brooks Road South, Windsor CA 95492
Mail: P.O. Box 87, Windsor, CA 95492
Phone: (707) 838-6898

Our Missions (Page 2)

Bags of Blessing for the Homeless

We collect donations of portable food, sanitizing wipes, toiletries and tube socks and put them in 1-gallon Ziploc bags along with printed information about community resources.  We encourage members to keep “bags of blessing” in their cars, ready to hand out when they see someone in need on the street.

Community Garden

Turning Over A New Leaf After eight years, we are hanging up our hoes and trowels and turning over the management of the community garden to Girl Scout Troup 10718, led by Sheila Huberts. They are increasing the planting area and are enthusiastically planting vegetables. The produce will continue to be donated to Windsor Service…

Equal Exchange Ethical Sourcing

Did you know that nearly all the chocolate on America’s shelves comes from companies in West Africa which use child slave labor? Equal Exchange is a faith-based, Fair Trade co-op which works with small farmers in Central and South America, Palestine and other parts of the world. These farmers receive a good wage for their…

UMCOR Disaster Response

UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) is the disaster response arm of our denomination. “First on the ground, last to leave,” UMCOR works through local churches and has proven to be extremely effective in meeting the needs of people in the event of a natural disaster or war-related crisis. An annual church-wide offering covers the…