Services at 10:30 am every Sunday
9451 Brooks Road South, Windsor CA 95492


We Are In The Grace Business!

We are doing Bible study and worship online. If you would like to join the Bible study group, via Zoom, please email Pastor Laurie at to receive the Zoom invitation for Bible study.

Sunday Worship with Pastor Laurie

Dear friends,
No before or after worship links for this one, but there is plenty of music!
To prepare for worship, get yourself something to eat and drink, a candle and the means to light it, and a fan — electric, handmade, or a piece of paper to fan yourself with. I’ll instruct you in the video when and how to use them.
At 11:30 you are cordially invited to our Zoom coffee hour!
A few notes on “technology” —
If you use Zoom, please update to version 5.0 or you won’t be able to get into our Zoom meetings anymore. (You probably will get an automatic prompt for this if you haven’t done so yet.)
If you haven’t tried Zoom, or if you’ve had trouble getting on Zoom, I am willing to don a mask and gloves and come to your house and be “tech support!” I’d love to be able to connect with more of our people — and help you connect with each other.
Finally, if you are on Facebook, please share our worship link on your Facebook page. I’d like to see us reaching out to anyone who might be blessed!
Here’s the Zoom invite to coffee hour:
Have a blessed day!

Pastor Laurie Bayen


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